Staff Training on Intercultural Competences

What is culture? How do I feel when I interact with someone from
a different culture? How can a teacher in early childhood education
institutions better manage cultural differences?

These were some of the questions that the partners of the BODI
project set off to answer to at the joint staff training event held in
Paris, France, between February 15th-19th, 2016 to acquire the
methodology of critical incidents, developed by social psychologist
Margalit Cohen-Emerique, and overarching approach of the project.

BODI will develop a set of readers and materials for the benefit of
kindergarten teachers in the project countries and beyond. The first
intellectual output, the reader of school practices on cultural diversity,
will be available in a few months and will compare the way cultural
diversity is taught and dealt with in a sample of schools from France,
Italy, Cyprus, Austria and Spain and from an additional set of four
countries from Europe and the world.