Step by Step…
A nearly-finalized reader on school practices, insights on cultural diversity in early childhood education, a FB page, an appealing website soon to be filled with free resources, a plan to bring parents to their kids’ schools all over Europe, and new ideas for working with children on cultural diversity.

These are just the highlights of what the BODI project partners achieved in 2.5 days when they met in Palermo (Italy) last 18th, 19th and 20th of May to work proactively on the project implementation.

Partners from La Xixa Teatr (Barcelona, Spain), the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus (Nicosia, Cyprus), Kindervilla (Innsbruck, Austria), and the coordinators from Elan Interculturel (Paris, France) worked together with CESIE staff to validate the work done at the first half of the project lifecycle, and to plan the future steps and activities.

A handful of months of work separate the BODI partners from new achievements and a new meeting, which will be organized in the hopefully snowy Innsbruck in November 2016. Until then, updates on the project will be posted on . Stay tuned!