Cultural Differences
Do cultural differences have an impact on the daily routine of primary schools? Does diversity appear in the life of children, teachers and parents? -And if so, what are its signs? To answer these questions we have launched different workshops in Spain, Italy and Austria; we also realized more than twenty interviews with teachers and parents in France and Cyprus. We asked about experiences where they were surprised by the behavior of other people, where they felt they could not make sense of the other.

This is not an easy exercise: Nowadays we rarely allow ourselves to be surprised by the behavior of another, mainly for fear of being judged as the one who makes judgments or who is xenophobic etc. However there’s no wrong in being surprised. In fact, to pay attention to these daily surprises can be very enriching for the process of learning about others - and even more for learning about ourselves. What is surprising – or even shocking at times - shows what we value.

Through the stories that we collected, we identified several sensitive areas around the body, good manners (It is polite to touch the meat by hand or to burp?), relationship to the body (Could a father take a bath with his son without any bad intentions?) or gender (Are boys allowed to play with dolls without risking to lose their masculine identity?) and many others. If you’d like to learn more, please read our collection of critical incidents.