The BODI project Team has design an e-learning course that you can very easily follow. This course contains a selection of the most relevant subject addressed in all of our previous productions (that you can find and download under our “Resource” button).
This course is divided into 5 units:

  • • Diversity
  • • Body and health
  • • Racism
  • • Gender and Sexuality
  • • Education and violence
To take the course please chose your language by clicking the E-learning button that will automatically take to the platform, sign in or register with your email and then enjoy the experience. You will then receive (after going through two units) your certificate.

Each unit begins with a tutorial that shows how to take the course. You will start with a quiz to test to find your sensitive zones. Afterwards, we propose you to read the "introduction of 'critical incidents” for a better understanding of the methodology we use. You will then find two “Critical Incidents or Culture shock” illustrating the subject of the course you chose and the analysis we made of it that shows what we can learn about it. To complete the analysis we suggest that you read a short theoretical background text that we wrote about the topic. Then just take the final quiz to test your new knowledge and send us your feedback by filling in the evaluation form.

Into each course you will also find examples of activities to do with parents and with children. These activities will be very helpful to you, to see how they work. We hope our e-course will be an interesting and inspiring learning experience.

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