The Pedagogical Institute was founded in 1972 by a decision of the Council of Ministers and started operating in 1973 aiming at becoming “..a centre where the profession itself undertakes a critique of its activities, and where cooperative work is done by educators at all levels of seniority in the system, whether they are engaged in class teaching, in teacher training, in supervisory roles or in educational administration.” (Weddell, UNESCO report 1971, p. 14, §3.9)

The mission of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (C.P.I.) is to cater for the continuous training of teachers at all levels so as to assist them in their efforts for professional and personal development. As of June 2002, the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) has been incorporated into the C.P.I. Within the framework of the Educational reform, as of 2008, following a decision made by the Council of Ministers, the Centre of Educational Research and Evaluation was founded while, parallel to that, the Scientific Council for the Centre of Educational Research and Evaluation was established. The mission of the Centre of Educational Research and Evaluation is to advise the Ministry of Education and Culture on matters related to the continuous professional development of teachers and to conduct research on issues that are within the responsibilities of the two Directorates.

The work of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute is, principally, developmental in character, addressing all levels of education. The mission of the C.P.I. is the continuing professional development of all teachers, in the context of the stated educational policy, and its work covers all levels of education operating towards various directions:
• It offers in-service training to teachers of all levels through several compulsory programmes and optional seminars;
• It plans and executes education research and evaluation studies;
• It follows and adapts current trends in pedagogy;
• It promotes the use of new technologies in education;
• It undertakes the writing and publication of teaching books, the designing of the curriculum and the production of teaching materials.